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February Highs and Lows

This week we are emptying the pond- never seen so many leaves, branches, twigs and gravel washed into it in previous years. It's a huge job to empty it by hand and barrow the brash away to suitable locations, luckily we have a good team of trainees! And all those sticks have to join the massive bonfire pile behind the house. Frog spawn is a problem- there is just so much in both ponds. We loaded 4 trugs when we let out the pond water and will put it back when we refill in the next week or so- plenty to spare if you bring a container- and they are still continuing the reunion party behind the house!

Over the past 2 weeks lots more rhododendrons are coming into flower- we can see many more expanding their buds. Luckily the huge magnolias are still biding their time as I'm sure there will be further frost to come.

This week's star plants are R moupinense both pink and white forms in the rock garden. You can see how R Bric a brac, which always flowers first and gets frosted is the offspring of white moupinense. Near the garden entrance, the first big leaved hybrid ( R falconeri x R hodgsoni) is coming into flower- a lovely strong shade of pink.

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Feb 29

The first photo of the white rhododendron looks great.Unsure if this is Bric a Brac or a white moupinense.Whatever it is…..very good

Mar 18
Replying to

The first photo is the white moupinense, the second one is Bric a brac, slightly frosted! The third I R moupinense pink form. All now eclipsed by the huge Gibson hybrids and their parents.

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