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Scottish Rhododendron Show

Updated: May 10, 2023

A very busy week with the Rhododendron Show at Garelochhead- it takes 3 days preparation with planning, picking, keeping the flowers cool in dark indoor conditions hoping that they will either hold until Saturday or open up fully. Anyway we did well, although there were few big gardens competing. We won Class 1 for 6 species which is probably the most difficult- you can see our entry.

In the garden, the first meconopsis is flowering- they seem to have had a bad winter with many not reappearing and the huge rosettes of the monocarpic ones being damaged by the wet and cold in the early spring. Still I've had good germination from seed and can visualise hundreds more over the next couple of years flowering in the garden.

When the sun comes through it all looks amazing but this morning I'm enjoying the rain!

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1 comentário

08 de mai. de 2023

Congratulations on the show result.I visited Glenarn on the morning of the show and found it to be terrific as usual.So much colour and interest.A great time to visit

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