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Unusual plants in flower

I'm always surprised to see Lomatia ferruginia in flower- it seems quite exotic but has been growing happily here in the Rock Garden for at least 80 years! We can tell it's happy because it flowers and seeds well.

Martagon lilies also surprise me as they vary so much in detail- the patch in front of the greenhouse seem to improve each year and contrast well with the paeonies. The hybrid ones also appear attractive and useful to the bees.

In May and June Mike and I spend quite a lot of time checking our bees- this dry sunny weather appears to have suited them and mating of the new queens has generally been successful- but it doesn't pay to be too optimistic and it's necessary to keep checking just to ensure they are all queen-right. Very little nectar from the sycamore and limes but they still seem to find it elsewhere!

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