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After the deluge

What a lot of rain! We had 4 inches in less than 24 hours but generally the garden stood up well. The burn became a raging torrent sweeping all before it, but failed to dislodge 2 sturdy primulas I had buried in some rocks in the burn bed. The pond grew to cover all the plants at its edges and the water spread across the stones below before hurtling down to the huge grating at our entrance- thank goodness it's as big as it is- Mike had to clear it of sticks and leaves 4 times on Saturday!

Water was running out of banks and along paths where we haven't ever seen it- now all noted so improvements can be made. Our new trainees will do some path repairs this week. Luckily Mike had lifted the slabs across channels in 2 places that allows excess rain to discharge into the burn when it gets blocked.

The whole of Rhu was under water and I had to wade in my wellies to get the papers. And all while the rest of the Uk was enjoying sunshine and warmth!

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