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Hoping for spring

Have the last of the gales now gone or will there be more? Is this the turning point to the beginning of spring?

The ground is sodden with rain and yesterday felt like living in Arunachal Pradesh it was so misty and humid. The burn is a raging torrent- so hard to imagine later in the season when it is a quiet trickle! But the rhododendrons love this weather.

This week the last stumps of the spring have been winched out, including 2 huge pieces of laurel up near our Silent Space, now reinstated with lots of our compost and left to settle until next spring for replanting. The ground hasn't really warmed up yet but we are planning some planting in the next month.

Meanwhile rhododendrons are coming into bloom- the R aff protistum with huge creamy flowers was caught by last week's touch of frost but R magnificum is doing well, high above the glen, with more flowers opening every day and a super strong pinky red colour.

We're working hard to get the garden into good order for our first visitors on 21 March- please no more gales!

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