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Shortage of rain

We have it every year these days, a really dry period just when all the plants are putting on their new growth. There was plenty of rain in March and April so there is lots deep in the ground. Warmer temperatures do dry out the top surface and make it difficult to sow seed on the vegetable patch. So the hose came out yesterday and we watered the nursery bed and most of the veg patch. We are lucky to have a huge underground tank built into the ground near the rock garden- the original water supply for Glenarn when it was built.

There are still lots of special things to see here including a luscious Rhododendron maddenii and the first of the roses to flower, Rosa farreri, known as Farrer's threepenny bit rose because the flowers are exactly that size- a little smaller than a pound coin. Nearby golden Iris Berlin Tiger is looking splendid!

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2 comentários

28 de mai. de 2023

I was thinking of you when I wrote about lack of rain- hope you still have water! Perhaps your garden will be better adapted to future water shortages than Glenarn.



28 de mai. de 2023

No rain here(West Lothian)in the forecast for a while yet.Hopefully not as bad as last year

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