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The flowering season continues

Every time I walk through the garden I see something else in flower that wasn’t apparent yesterday- and now the azaleas are blooming the colours are incredibly powerful. Rhododendron lindleyi at the entrance, above the burn is huge and the pink striped version, ‘Geordie Sherriff’ is still just opening. The scent is powerful and Mike complained that together with all the Loderis, it was too much!

The temperature has increased but we haven’t had much sun and only a little rain so the flowers are holding well. Weeds are growing apace everywhere though the ground cover of anemone nemorosa helps in the rock garden. Here the first meconopsis are flowering and still surprise visitors with the intensity of the blue colour. I have put in some new ones raised from last year’s seed but don’t really want them to flower this year- they will be stronger plants for waiting till 2025 but it’s a great temptation as I want to check they are as expected! Perhaps I’ll let them flower then cut off the blooms before they go to seed.

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